Like My Father

Published in WriterSkill’s CB chapbook, Mist Connections. Grab a copy for 150 pesos!

They say you fall in love with someone like your father, the same way my mother fell in love with someone who does not know of the word romance. Almost meeting at the same place, caught in the wrong time, they were lucky that their story was bookmarked on the same page.

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Why am I so willing
to expose myself to you?
to reveal my deepest secrets
to bare my rawest emotions
to show you my vulnerability

Why am I so willing
to give everything to you?
my every thought
my every corner
from my neck to my knees
every bat of an eyelash
the butterflies in my stomach
every stolen glance

Why am I so willing
to spend my time with you?
trading in my sleep
taking every chance
to hold your hand
to have my head upon your chest
to hear your heartbeat
match my breath
and to feel your heart
close to mine

Please tell me
why you?


When Stars Fall

“I love you”
Was the first thing he said
Greeted then by a soft kiss
When she woke up right next to him

Snuggling under the covers
It was neither the blankets
Nor the pillows
That warmed his heart
That made him seeking for her hand
Under the gaze of the galaxies
And the stars twinkling, swearing to keep it a secret

But then the stars started to fall
Falling, falling, falling
Turning into small white specks
Like snowflakes on the window sill

And he shivered

The last thing he remembers
Was saying “I love you”
To an empty bed
With only the stain of her lipstick